Please scroll down to read all disclosures regarding color at the bottom of the page.

Color Chart - Darius Cordell

  • All designs can be made in any color(s).
  • Beading and embellishments will be same color as fabric (or have same values if multi-colored) unless otherwise noted.
  • We do not recommend a color you should order or may want.
  • The name anyone gives a color can be subjective (i.e. light blue, soft blue, baby blue, etc..)  And computer settings can vary.  So we can not tell you what color you are seeing on your computer screen.
  • This chart is used as a basic & general reference only.
  • Bolt dye lots can also vary.
  • On your order form write down the color name from this chart that you want as a reference OR write “as xyz is pictured”.
  • If you do not see the color you want or you cannot use our online chart as a basic & general reference then please send us an example of the color you want.  We will match it as closely as possible.
  • You can also submit the actual yardage for us to use (for a small fee).

You can go to to find a fabric store in your area.
You can mail your color example to:

P.O. Box 5624
Frisco Texas 75035