Custom Wedding Gown that was Inspired by the Pallas Couture Cadencia design

C2019-Gittings - Custom fit-n-flare bridal gowns inspired by Pallas Couture from Darius Cordell Fashion

Sometimes brides will fall in love with a haute couture bridal design only to find out the cost is way over their budget. Luckily some of those brides will eventually find our company.

Here is an example of how we can use any image of a dress that a bride gives us to create their custom wedding dress.

The original was created by Pallas Couture and the design was called Cadencia. The original cost for this beautiful & elegant wedding dress was just under $12,000. We were able to create a much less expensive version that is similar but in no way exact that was priced just under $1500. If we had a larger budget we could get even closer to the original style.

So if your dream dresses are all way over your budget we can help. Simply email us your favorite images and we will use them as inspiration for your custom dress.

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