If you want to have a preference in the fabric that is used here are the ONLY ways you can communicate that preference.

  • communicate the name of the fabric you want on your order form or
  • send us an example of the fabric you like or
  • send us the fabric yardage you want us to use or
  • communicate what characteristic you want your fabric to have (breathable, flowing, stiff, stretchy, heavy, light weight, soft, silk, shinny, matte, etc….) or
  • commission us to source fabric swatches for your custom design prior to submitting an order for us to prove we can get close to what you want or
  • just leave that section blank on your order form and simply leave it up to our design team (and it will be made as shown to look like the photo)

In order to make sure you get what you want (when there is a preference and if you can not leave it up to the designer) our process is set up this way – to remove and alleviate any perception via your screen settings and to insure there are no misunderstandings.

  • All of our creations can be made in any fabric that you request.
  • Here are a list of fabrics that are commonly used for formal dresses:  Satin – Crepe – Charmuese – Crepe back Satin – Crepe de Chine – Chiffon – Georgette – Velvet – Shantung – Douppioni – Peau de Soie – Jersey – Faille |
    • These are fabric weaves.  
    • The content of each of these weaves can be polyester or silk.
  • Fabrics with silk content will be approximately 70% higher than polyester content fabrics.
  • All estimates given are based on polyester content fabrics unless otherwise noted.
  • We will not suggest or recommend what fabric you should pick or may want.
  • A fabric in a picture can look like several different fabrics. So due to computer variances we do not disclose the fabric shown in photos from our website.

If you do not know what fabric you want and/or are unfamiliar with the characteristics of a fabric (and you can not “leave it up to our design team”) you can easily go to any one of your local fabric stores and request to see some fabrics in person.  Then let us know your preference on your order form.  An employee there will be able to show you any of the fabrics listed as well as others.  You may want to tell them what it is for or take a photo of the item in with you.  You can go to http://local.yahoo.com/ to find fabric stores in your area.

Fabric examples or yardage can be sent to:

P.O. Box 5624
Frisco Texas 75035

In order to receive fabric swatches a good faith deposit of $250 must first be received.  When you place your order that deposit will be applied to your over all invoice.